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Reset Instructions - HP 564/902/920/934/935

HP 564 / 902 / 920 / 934 / 935

On this series of cartridges, there is an electronic counter embedded in a small computer chip/board. This counter starts at a high number and decreases for every character printed. Eventually, the counter reaches zero. At this point, an error message is generated by the printer. If you click "OK" to the error message, the printer will continue to print. However, the ink level display will not show correctly with that cartridge. 

On some HP printers, simply click through the error message and the various warnings. The printer should then print fine. Notice that you will need to do this again when the other cartridges run out of ink.

On other HP printers, hold the RESUME or RESET button for about 10-15 seconds. This should reset the printer so that it will print with the refilled cartridge.