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Reset Instructions - HP 932/933/950/951

HP 932 / 933 / 950 / 951

You need two sets of cartridges for refilling and has to be rotated in the printer.  You will have set "A" and set "B".

Example. You will have two black cartridges. When "A" black runs empty take it out and put in "B" black cartridge and then refill "A" black cartridge. When "B" black cartridges runs empty then take it out and put in "A" cartridge.

When using a refilled cartridge "A" that reads empty you will get a pop up box: 

Remove cartridge "A" and put in cartridge "B" and you will get:

Just click "No" on this box. Now you will get


Just click "OK" on this box.

You are ready to print. If you have trouble printing because the chip reads empty then check below for an alternative.

In order to get the cartridge to work again after refilling, the ink level monitor must be switched off within the printer driver. This could be done in the following way (depending on the printer):

HP OfficeJet Pro 8100
1. On the printer control panel, press and hold the (Wireless) and (Resume) buttons.
2. The ink supply icons will blink four times.
3. Press and hold the (Wireless) and (Resume) buttons again to turn usage information collection back on.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8600
1. On the printer control panel, touch (right arrow), and then touch (Setup).
2. Select (Preferences), and then select (Cartridge Chip Information).
3. Touch (OK) to turn off usage information collection.